Nanocar Race II


The second international Nanocar Race (Nanocar Race II) took place from the 24/3/2022, 11:00 a.m. to the 25/03/2022, 11:00 a.m 24h non-stop.

Eight international teams from Europe, Asia and America competed at the same time in a remote controlled mode from the CEMES-CNRS G. Dupouy-Campus in Toulouse (France). Here is their final ranking:

Pos. Team Name Country Distance Turns Incidents
1 NANOHISPA ES / SE 678 nm 54 Changing lane for overpassing - Crash at 5.30pm
1 NIMS-MANA JP 1054 nm 54 Cross a tranch and go back - jump across a trench *8
3 StrasNanocar FR 476 nm 28 Cross a trench *3
4 Rice-Graz Nanoprix AT / US 403 nm 15 Cross a trench *2, crash
5 GAZE DE 259 nm 9 Molecule jump onto the tip
6 TOULOUSE-NARA FR / JP 150 nm 10 Molecule is lost again
7 Ohio Bobcat Nanowagon US 136 nm 17 Corss a trench *2, one wheel



Nanocar Race II (part 1): Departure and race, 24/03/2022:
Nanocar Race II (part 2): Night Session, 24-25/03/2022:
Nanocar Race II (part 3): Morning and arrival, 25/03/2022:

provided by the Japanese NIMS-MANA team:

Background information: Nanocar

Nanocar drivers use electrons from the tip of a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) to help jolt their molecules along, typically by just tenth of nanometers each time, so that the nanocar race takes place on a very small scale. With about 100-1000 atoms and a lateral size of a few nanometers, a nanocar is a molecule with a distinguishable front and rear. Its chemical structure allows the nanocar to move on a surface when electrons flow through it from the STM tip. The propulsion mechanism can be either inelastic (related to the excitation of vibrational modes or to current-induced structural changes) or dipolar, resulting from the repulsion or attraction between the nanocar and the STM tip.

Nanocar Race I

The First Nanocar Race was held in Toulouse in April 2017, and was followed live by more than 100.000 people on the Youtube-channel.